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DA events

lots of things are unknown at this point in time. people whom i thought were people i knew.. are not. they choose to move on. not that i havent delt with this before. its just lonely.
I just walked in from having Circle at Dancing Moon. twas lovely. did a huge meditation casting on some items for balance/anti-stress and well being. We had 13 people there tonight.. good number for this. seems its growing each time. good energies. My uncle made me a beautiful athame out of deer antler and stone, he lapped out of a stone i forget what it is.. he used the same slab for my brothers athame. I admire my brothers more. his was made correctly..I should not be insulted as it was a gift but it was not made the same way or manner. the blade of stone should not wiggle..and he used leather and glue to wrap the blade tang on/into the bone..hence it moves ever so slightly. Just unhappy with it. I need to cleanse it. His creepy uncle ricky is all over it. Not that I dont like my uncle. just needs to be cleaned. I should tell him that it moves..problem is he will take 13 years to return it back to me if I sent it back to Tampa. :(

in recent.. ive had procedures going on. Will have another one at the end of the month. I feel like im dying at the moment.. my chest hurts on the left side..yay maybe the goddess wants me now. problem is I want to drive my new car. Oh well lemme drive it a little longer. I hope to keep it for many years. my trusty steed of pewter and black leather.. I deserve it. I work hard.
I need more time off.
Saw Iron Maiden and Def Leppard.. gotta say i had such a ball "Rocking out with my cock out" to Joe singing Rocket and Pour Some Sugar on Me.. Rick "Sav" STILL has it.. Would fuck him in a heart he's 20 years older and still makes me go..hmmmm damn mop headed bass players..what is it with me.. and them damn bass players with fucking curly hair?? BTW.. Vivian Campbell..Amazing .. truely gifted..but SHAVE THE FUCKING RUG..omg ewwww.. that dude has a and Joe has fucking a HUGE ball Sack to be standing on the stage there..singing "make a man, thats what i a man" HOLY fucking funny That should be the gay mans calling athem theme to some gay reality TV show.. i couldnt STOP laughing while he's all serious singing that song. im with my best friend and saying..omg he is not gonna go into that song..and he
Spoke to Sam today..told her I saw them.. both agreed it would be killer to see Def Leppard play Gods Of War.
hence me cranking Hysteria at work and in the car.
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