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Music..these days

Well hands down... Malamor is impressive live..and Jason is hot. I dont think ive ever met an Ugly Jason.
The Chance in poughkeepsie sucks..but rules..since there is no other venue cept for.. say toads up in new haven ct..and then the palladium up in woosta..Suffocation.. good to see them play again..
cant wait till Malamor puts out the next recording as its been ages.
This weekend.. Grave, Immolation (love them), Malamor, Creamatorium, and some other bands..are playing.. I got a bunch of people to get tickets to the last shows for Malamor/Bloodgasm. I so wanna see these guys make national status eventually. It is cool to see Novembers Doom playing with majors..same with Shadows Fall and Mastodon. Even more exciting is seeing Reggie and the Full Effect playing Irving Plaza soon.. AND OPETH!!!! again.. how "A" loves these guys.

Ive been so fucking busy. Rather be busy then depressed/anxiety prone.
Iron Maiden is coming up next month. I was supposed to go out on a boat on the Hudson river this week end.. never happened
I was supposed to stuff my fat face with sushi..never happened.
went to a crap place called Vintage in the City of White 3 blocks from where my office is. Dissapointed.
then went to my usual watering hole.. found it to be filled with the local feliz cumpleanos feista. No one told us.
The new Skinless.. is kinda .. taking some time to getting used to. no funny sound tracks before the songs which made them so pleasing to crank.
i dont want to work no mo. but the paycheck..gotta remind myself thats most important.
My buddy Dan just sent me his new bands music.. Ritual.."steamroller" no vocals.
DAMN its full on true metal. good grinding guitars chugging along.. digging it. he's sent me like 8 other mp3's i gotta dl.. ive been working with local bands so much so nowadays.. im really thinking of going back into doing some part time promo/managment work. that will of course fuck me over for much of my free time. as some of the shit im already doing has eaten into my vacation time at work.
k no mo typing.
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