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dandy..ho hum

What a interesting time ive had. Travelled to MA. Stayed with Sam. What a great friend she is to me. I treasure having known her for..its gotta be...summer of 1997..Hartford Ct. 6 years now..I had the notion to call a few people while i had some free time-eating dinner..on the road at a papa ginos.. interesting fast food place. ill give the place a 7 1/ flys when your having fun.
Many Metallica shows/tours later..
We've watched our boy, move on. He's happy. I was so pleased to see Jason playing with Voivod in some hole in the wall town called Revere. North of Boston.
Snake is a fucking STRANGE Bird. He even flicked his tounge. Jason mentioned him doing this in a mag article i read a couple of weeks ago. Erotic? Not one bit. Gross..not really..Just strange that he'd do it. It gives the person the heebee jeebie willies knowing that mans tounge possibly could be on some chicks cooch. The dude could be in porno and make millions.
The dude also tries to hard. Like WTF was with the hand gestures?? Mechanical spider mite or a snake going side to side.. I couldnt tell. I asked Sam..she replied.."He's Canadian" -(Which was a whole theme for the weekend FYI)I cant really explain other then the bands having fun on stage..Piggy's a interesting guitar player..interesting guitars as well. overall..Voivod live..was not a dissapointment. I'd see them again. The crowd was a rocking. They've always had this off the beaten path type of music. I sorta know why Jason chose to be in this band. The love of playing. He so seemd comfortable gigging with them. No dirty looks (As seen with Echobrain live)of you fucked up.
I did notice that he was..very on top of matter what was going on. Not the ring master..but..just that much more aware of shit that has to be done. Directing people who have no clue what to do. Like he was so fucking busting his ass..and his paitence was wearing thin because no one knew what the fuck they were doing when using the camera.
He was also under the weather. Told Sam so. I hung in the background.
I never really say much to him other then a "Hello Jay". Seems to be the same thing every time I decide to go see him play. Just a meek hello. Nothing more. I never know what to say to him. There is nothing we really have in common other then the music. Sides March born people dont like dealing with fat Taureans.
I admire the mans ability to play bass like no other player can live on stage..hes proven that hundreds of times over the years I've gotten to witness him play with Metallica.
Psychic wise..theres something about him, I find so interesting to observe and open my 3rd eye. Seems that he's Just got these vibes that send up flags of recognition. It happened in Kentucky 2 years ago, It happened again in MA on thursday. Sometimes I just pick up to much. Its so not my business. I watched him get offstage after soundcheck and he, held his head in his hands like he had a major migraine.
I learned later that night from my boy that he's got concerns. Everyone has them. ITs nothing this man hasnt done before. Cept now he's 20 some odd years older and wiser. More aware, jaded and tired. Just kinda took my buddy aback a bit, so much so he mentioned it to me knowing full well my thought process would be tapping into other energies in the air.
For some reason..I think that might just be it. I wont see this person again in my life time. I know I chose not to see certain others and have specifically avoided crossing paths again with these people.
I hope to the goddess that I will have enough guts to email him again.
Stupid isnt it.

Anyways.. Sepultura.. I love those guys.. NOT a bad bone in the bunch.. Derrick, Igor, Paulo and Andreas (omg..he is still fucking gnarly hot) Igor is still looking adorable as he gets older..but Andreas.every time I see them play..he's always adknowledging me in the audience..its great..the whole band is so interactive with the people watching..what a kicker!
So anyways.. even cooler..Jason got on stage and played Refuse Resist (and another song)fucking amazing.. the crowd was going wild.
Thats something I never thought I'd see them all play together.
That night.. hockey..mushrooms and driving around boston.
next day.. NEMF.. CAN I SAY...
and .. Canada did something right for they gave us Devy.
Who welcomed us with such a BIG ass smile.. I had a blast hanging out with his crew on the tour bus. Cranking out a skipping cd of the Beastie Boys.. liquor, shrooms and water.
Mastodon was amazing, the dudes from Overkill played in the new hate lust kill..or something like that.. dug that totally...Shai Halud my niggas from Poughkipsee NY!!!
so many good bands..some shitty.
Super Joint Ritual.. Phil..ranted about members in Pantera.. bitched about being tired.. sang ..maybe 15 minutes..bitched some more about being tired..jamming out..metallica and people pissing him off so much he didnt wanna stay on stage..walked off.. got back on..played a last song....maybe.. just maybe did a set SHORTER then Axl Rose did with GNR.. 21 minutes in total.
2 days of crazy bands hands hurt.. Im much shit is coming out of my face.which shouldnt be. every hole..nostril, mouth.. is oooooozing with nasty yellow phlem..tis a ear and throat infection peoples! MAY..should be warm. the Goddess is playing tricks on us all.. Loki .. Loki.. Loki..
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